Mozambique Initiative Celebrates 20 Years of Partnership

Mozambique Initiative Celebrates 20 Years of Partnership

Written on 06/09/2018

By Susan Sneed

Craig Stevenson, the coordinator of the Mozambique Initiative, lifted up the 20 year partnership with Mozambique and celebrated that in a recent trip, the Bishops of both areas renewed the memorandum of understanding continuing that partnership. 

“It’s been a great partnership,” said Stevenson. “More that $8.2 million  has been given for evangelism, water projects, building project, scholarship and other work. PLUS nearly $2 million on the Imagine No Malaria campaign. One of the most important ministries has been the purchase and distribution of Bibles. 

“On multiple trips I have witnessed the power of actually handing a Bible to a person,” said Mr. Stevenson. “And the mission continues.” He cited the reconstruction of chapels, parsonages and even an orphanage after last year’s series of cyclones. There are also 2018 partnerships available in the form of 23 church partnerships and 27 student partnerships.