Service of Recognition

Service of Recognition

Written on 06/08/2019

By Fred Koenig

Rev. Karen Hayden, director of Leadership Excellence presented the new Certified Lay Ministers:  Bob Beaver, Jodi Burch, Karen Jones, Peggy Thomas. 

Rev. Charlene Dart, pastor of Cassidy UMC preached based on 1 John 3:18-19. “We don’t just get comfortable in our ministry,” she said. “We box it all up, doing it the same way over and over and we have complete control. But what if we step out of the box?” Churches tend to find a comfortable place and when ministry stops bearing fruit, the tendency is to back to the box, back to what birthed and maintained the ministry in the first place.

Rev. Jim Barnett, Wesley/St. Joseph recognized the 35 newly Licensed Local Pastors: Erika Braun, Blake Buchanan, Joshua Buchanan, Mary Ann Cieslak, Michael Cole, Vicki Coons, Amy Cornelius, Shaun Courtney, Candace Fowler, Jeff Fugit, Angel Garcia, Fabian Gomez Gonzalez, Andrew Hake, David, Hedrick, Cathy Hinklin, Kim Holman, Chris Jackson, David Jerome, Matt Kelley, Lori Kiehl, James King, Jayne Markin, Timothy Melin, Tom Parks, Tricia Quist, Brett Reith, Kenneth Rosenauer, Ryan Schreckenghaust, Elizabeth Jen Shelton, Poese Vatikani, Paullester Walker, Kara Wilson, Diannah White, Keyaroe Yi, Timothy Zych.

Rev. Barnett recognized those who have completed the Course of Study required by Licensed Local Pastors: Jeffory Cole, Nancy DeJager, Mark Hansche, Kirby Holbrook, Bill LaMara, Sherri Swanson.