Resolution for Inclusive Ministry Passes

Resolution for Inclusive Ministry Passes

Written on 06/09/2019

By Susan Sneed

Rev. Tina Harris, director of Mission, Service and Justice Ministry introduced the Resolution and invited the author, Rev. Kyle Butler to formally present it to the Conference. Rev. Butler read the resolution found on page 65 of the workbook.

Resolution 1 will provide $30,000 to congregations desiring to create ministries specifically for the LGBTQIA+ community, or by lifting up persons from that community into missional leadership. This resolution is presented in reaction to the 2019 Called General Conference vote reinforcing Discipline language that both condemns and embraces the LGBTQIA+ community. While being barred from full participation in the UM Church, the church is still called to be in ministry to LGBTQIA+ community. Funds from Resolution 1 would fulfill that mandate.

Rev. Harris moved for the adoption of the resolution and there were several seconds from the floor. The rules allow for five speeches for each side, for and against, with a two minutes limit for each speech.

Rev. Butler, as the author of the resolution spoke first for the resolution citing the troubled feelings within his church, Mt. Zion/Gateway Central after the November conference and realizing he was failing to be radically hospitable by not being a church for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rev. Ron Watts spoke to support the resolution and called for the question, to discontinue debate and proceed with the vote on the resolution. It was decided to proceed with the vote and the resolution was passed with a voice vote. There were several no votes, however.